Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Oscars So White, More Like Oscars So Hype

Oscars So White, More Like Oscars So Hype

by Brady Brown

On February 26th, Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the 89th Academy Awards. La La Land is leading the nominations, with 14. Moonlight and Arrival sit in second place with 8. For best director, it seems as Mel Gibson is back, as he is nominated for Hacksaw Ridge, however, Damien Chazelle will likely win for La La Land. As a rule of thumb, if the nominations include La La Land or Moonlight, either of those will win. The Lobster has been nominated for best original screenplay, which is unique as the film came out in 2015. O.J.: Made in America has beaten the 1966 adaptation of War and Peace as the longest film to be nominated for an Oscar, being 467 minutes. Suicide Squad, a film hated by critics, made a controversial appearance amongst the roster, being nominated for best makeup. Notable snubs this year include The Handmaiden for best foreign language film, Tower for best documentary, and Amy Adams for either Arrival or Nocturnal Animals. As for my personal picks, I hope Arrival wins best picture and The Lobster wins best original screenplay. All in all, this is looking to be a great ceremony. A report of winners to come.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Sharpening Our Claws: Tips for Keeping our Claw Crew Student Section Lit!

Sharpening Our Claws: Tips for Keeping our Claw Crew Student Section Lit!

by: Kelley Moore

Tellico Plains High School has always had a large student presence at athletic events, but it was not until last year when we officially established our student section. We call it “The Claw Crew.” We have a Twitter account and currently several people in the senior class have access to it. This football season we had a decent turnout in our student section, but it was still hard to get everyone in one place, but during basketball season, we have been able to get more people fired up.That is exactly what it takes to make a student section fun and impactful on the game. “Knowing that all of your friends are watching you and cheering you on really gets our team hype and helps us play better as a team. Having an actual fan base makes the win sweeter because they weren’t just sitting in the bleachers,” says senior Lady Bear, Dani Cain.

So to keep up our momentum, here are some unofficial rules for participation in the student section:

1. Stay on your feet the whole time! You can sit on your phones at halftime and in between games.

2. Go wild for blocks, steals, and turnovers that our team forces..

3. Chant “DEFENSE” when the other team has the ball, especially when we are making a run or need to keep a lead.

4. Bring noisemakers.

5. Make signs that support our players and that poke fun at the other team.

6. ALWAYS chant “We Believe” when we are about to win the game.

7. Make fun of the other team.

8. ALWAYS give 110% in the student section because these will be the memories that you remember after graduation.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Furious Finish!

Furious Finish: Final Two Home Games Promise to be Loaded with Excitement 

by: Jennifer Atkins

This week our last two home basketball games will be taking place on Thursday and Friday, February 2nd and 3rd. Thursday, our Bears and Lady Bears will be competing in a make-up district game against the Greenback Cherokees. During halftime of the girls' game, TPHS will be inducting three new members into the Athletic Hall of Fame. The three will be Eddie Wall, Ricky Wall, and David Tucker. Also during Thursday night’s events, the halftime of the boys' game will feature recognition of the Tellico Plains Jr. High boys and girls, Rural Vale girls, and the middle school county All-Tournament basketball players. The TPJHS boys are County Champions and the girls came in 2nd place. Rural Vale girls’ basketball players are also Champions.

Friday night brings even more excitement as our Bears and Lady Bears go head-to-head against our county rivals, the Sequoyah Chiefs and Lady Chiefs. This will bring many eager fans into our gym, and many excited students to the student section. We will also be recognizing our senior athletes for Senior Night before the girls game starts. During halftime of the game the 1994 football team will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, and during halftime of the boys game some more individuals will be inducted. These Hall of Famers will be: Sharon Harris-McKinnon, Jack Raby, Lacey Swanson-Woods, Trevor Hunt, and Lynn West.

These last two home games are super important and full of amazing events that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to come out and cheer our basketball players on to victory!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Good Night, Mr. Merrick

Good Night, Mr. Merrick

by: Brady Brown

A man who played both Winston Smith and Big Brother. The Elephant Man and the first victim of the Alien. John Hurt was a gift to cinema. The legendary British actor has died at the age of 77. Officially known as Sir John Vincent Hurt, the actor got his start in 1961, and appeared in several classics including Watership Down, Alien, The Elephant Man, Nineteen Eighty-Four, V for Vendetta, and Snowpiercer. He even played himself in a spoof of the Chestburster scene from Alien in the Mel Brooks comedy film Spaceballs. The icon lent his famous voice to the documentary series Human Planet and the experimental drama Dogville. The series Doctor Who wasn't safe, as he played The War Doctor in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Even after death, three films featuring John Hurt are set to be released in 2017, including Darkest Hour, in which he plays the Neville Chamberlain. This death was not a shock, as he revealed that he was suffering from cancer in June, 2015. A man of charity and a man for all seasons, the loss of John Hurt is a loss to culture and he will be missed. Here's to you, John.

Building Blocks: Graphene

Building Blocks: Graphene

by: Kalei Wakefield

Graphene is formed when graphite is broken down into very thin layers. A flat sheet of graphene is one of the strongest materials in existence. For years researchers tried to put it in a 3D form, and now they have. A method called freeze-casting was used to replicate a corks design to create the graphene block. In its cube shape, it is ten times stronger than steel. The secret is in how the cube is shaped. The pores in the design help it hold up to 50,000 times its weight. Small tweaks in the graphene block's design can alter how it reacts and breaks; smaller or larger pores could make it more fragile. In the future, scientists hope to make stronger, lightweight designs to use in architecture and technology.

Graphene is already used to charge batteries. With this new design, it can now be used to build bridges and be the foundation for complicated machines. Graphene blocks can even be used for less complicated machines in the future. It can be used to make everyday household items such as tables or dressers. If researchers found a way to make the blocks smaller and thinner, it could even be the new building block for electronic devices. If not the phone or tablet itself, the blocks could be used as a protective case. It could even be forged into the frame of a car to make accidents less fatal. There are many uses for graphene blocks, but this is just a few examples. I am sure scientists could come up with extraordinary uses once the design is enhanced and tested more thoroughly.

Paris' Suspicion of the Doctor

Paris' Suspicions of the Doctor

by: Jennifer Atkins

Recently, eighteen-year-old Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s only daughter, spoke out in an interview saying that she believes her father was murdered by his doctor, on June 25th 2009, and that it was a “setup.” The famous pop singer died from an overdose, following cardiac arrest, from a powerful drug his doctor Conrad Murray prescribed him. Murray said that he had given him the drug to help him sleep better, but it was not working. Two nights before Michael’s death, his doctor put together a combination of other drugs that succeeded in helping him sleep. Murray was later put in jail from a charge of involuntary manslaughter in 2011. 

Paris believes that there is more behind what happened, as she remembers her dad dropping hints about people being out to get him. Lisa Marie Presley, a close family friend, admitted to similar conversations with Michael before his death on Oprah. This definitely made her to believe that he was murdered. 

Coping with the death of her beloved father has been hard for the young Paris Jackson. She really looked up to him and now feels that she lost the one thing that was always important to her. Despite his death that took place in 2009, his name will always be well known beyond the grave.

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Fastest Man Alive Drops a Medal

The Fastest Man Alive Drops a Medal

by: Hannah Fiorucci

When I think of Usain Bolt, his vast amounts of gold medals are not the first thing that comes to mind. I reflect on the tremendous character and humility that he displays in his sport. His wins in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics resurrected an old clip from an interview taken back in 2012 at the Olympics in London. The clip shows Bolt stopping mid-interview to show reverence to the United States of America’s National Anthem. So to say that I was excited when he became the first man to achieve a “triple treble” in 2016, was an understatement.

Bolt was very gracious and humble to have this record bestowed upon him. Unfortunately, on Wednesday that title was taken away. It wasn’t taken because someone tied it, or over achieved it, but because of drugs. What stings even more is the fact that Bolt was not the drug abuser, his 2008 Beijing teammate was.

Due to advanced testing, a stored urine sample of teammate Nesta Carter was found positive of a banned substance, and Carter was found guilty of doping. Therefore, the 2008 Jamaican Team was stripped of their medal.

While Bolt still has 8 gold medals under his belt, he no longer holds the title of the first man to receive three medals in three consecutive Olympic Games. However, Jamaica is considering appealing the decision. Only time will tell if the medal will be reinstated, but to me, Usain Bolt is still a world class athlete, and the fastest man alive.